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Intellect Systems is an Australian company specialised in industrial technology solutions, process automation and electrical engineering. Craig Williams, Principal Manufacturing Engineer, talks about MARECHAL® products and their advantages for his activity.

They trust us: H.J. Enthoven, UK

H. J. Enthoven & Sons or HJE is the largest capacity single site producer of recycled lead in Europe, located in Darley Dale, England. Clients of MARECHAL ELECTRIC, they agreed to answer our questions.


Plummers Industries is the largest privately owned switchboard manufacturer in Australia. Erwin Meister, Project Controller, has answered questions regarding their choice of MARECHAL ELECTRIC.

They trust us: SUEZ, UK

Suez is a French company which operates in water treatment and waste management. They are using MARECHAL® solutions for their UK factories. Jimmy Measham, Maintenance Technician at Suez UK in Huddersfield, answered our questions.

High electrical power

High electrical power: explanation and industries

What is a high current electrical socket outlet? A high current socket outlet has a capacity of more than 150 A in order to be able to connect large equipment and generators, in environments such as: mines and quarries (e. g. excavation machines), ports and shipyards (port equipment and ships), steel industry... What are the industries concerned by this type of socket?

What is energy efficiency?

In people’s mind, industry and energy efficiency do not seem to go hand in hand. However, more and more actions are being carried out in favour of the environment and with a will to save energy. Here are some of them.


Interruptor seccionador separable 40 A

Lo último de MARECHAL ELECTRIC : un producto de tecnología única


EVO es el primer interruptor-seccionador separable : le permite alimentar y cortar en carga su maquinaria con total seguridad.