MARECHAL® offers a wide range of distribution boxes for all industrial applications and a large choice of products designed specifically for power-supply in tunnels.
MARECHAL ELECTRIC is now a leading company in the electric connection for tunnels. Based on technology specially intended for such difficult environments and quick light disconnection, MARECHAL ELECTRIC has already equipped more than 700 km of underground roads, railroads and inland waterways… Always with the same objective: provide user safety, optimise maintenance and make the work of emergency services easier. 

  • Modular boxes, distribution, transfer
  • Fire resistant derivation boxes
  • Boxes and plugs and socket-outlets

MARECHAL® offers a wide range of modular distribution boxes for use in hazardous areas in compliance with the ATEX 2014/35/EU Directive and as per the IECEx in zones 1 and 2 (Gas) and zones 21 and 22 (Dust). These boxes are especially recommended for chemical agent environments, sea-water corrosion resistance and extremes of low and high temperature, offshore and onshore oriented.

Safety of people, equipment & infrastructure!

  •  Socket-outlet combination boxes MXBS
  • Junction boxes MXBJ
  • Socket or junction boxes B2X



自2013年以来,TECHNOR®一直是MARECHAL ELECTRIC集团的一部分。致力于ATEX / IECEx区域产品,凭借卓越的品质,已经建立了30多年的声誉。 产品全部在法国和意大利设计,制造和控制。 符合ATEX或/和IECEx标准的各种产品:防爆配电箱,控制箱和接线箱,铸铝合金,钢,不锈钢或GRP / Thermoset的防爆箱,荧光灯或LED灯的照明灯具和投光灯具,控制盒和不锈钢或GRP接线盒,警告装置/指示灯,接地系统。