Our values

Safety : our core value

Each and every of our products, decisions, developments are made by our R&D department with the safety of the end users as a priority.
In 2013, the acquisition of Technor has been driven to reinforce and to position MARECHAL ELECTRIC as the market leader in electrical safety in industrial and ATEX environments.
Our compliance with all majors’ safety standards or our commitment with IEC and IECEx ensure the quality and the performance of our technology.

Commitment : we do what we say

MARECHAL ELECTRIC is made of nearly 500 women and men committed to design, manufacture, test and deliver our full range of products with the best know-how.
Commitment is our employee first criteria to join the company whatever their position and department they work in.

Value creation : our strength


Listening to your needs is the first objective of our sales team to define, improve, adapt, customize and make sure our solution match as close as possible to your expectation.

On a yearly basis, MARECHAL ELECTRIC creates several thousands of new part numbers to satisfy the benefits you are looking for.

Eco friendly : Because we only have one planet

Investing in MARECHAL ELECTRIC solutions is the warranty to have a measurable payback at all stages of the products lifetime:

  • Stage 1 Purchase: The DECONTACTOR™ is a plug with an integrated switch, this is not only a connector.
  • Stage 2 Installation: from 5A to 250A no wiring/cabling are necessary for pilots’ cable to connect or disconnect “on load”.
  • Stage 3 Use: The DECONTACTOR™ with butt to butt contacts has less heat dissipation than a “pin and sleeves” connector generating less energy consumption.
  • Stage 4 Maintenance: spare parts are available to repair any broken components which avoid waste and pollution.
With products that last very often 30 years, 40 years, MARECHAL ELECTRIC durability has an uncontested worldwide recognition.

Find out more about our commitment in our Safety & environment charter