SB - AISI316L Stainless steel

SB - AISI316L Stainless steel
SB are used to house Ex e and Ex i terminals,breather/drain device and pass-trough earth terminal, standard enclosure mounts hinges on the vertical side.
• Maximum numbers of terminals changes on the base of the terminals section and current,
enclosure operating temperature and required temperature class.
• They are ideally suited for chemical agents environments, ON and OFF-SHORE applications and any other industries where an explosive atmosphere may be present.
• The only range full custom size from 200x200x100mm to 910x1140x500mm.
• Off shelf sizes: the best lead time on the market at competitive pricing.
• Our internal workshop allows flexibility in meeting any customer requirements.
• Optional polycarbonate windows to display indoor devices.
• Max ambient temperature up to +95 °C (IECEx).