Oil and gas

The harsh and dangerous environment of the oil and gas industry may be undermined by the highly flammable materials there produced and processed. For its intrinsic characteristics, the hydrocarbons are flammable and, depending on the flash point, may generate an explosive atmosphere even at room temperature. TECHNOR Italsmea is aware of the risks related to the oil and gas market and is able to supply efficient and safe solutions. TECHNOR® offers the complete range of products, solutions and services for the safety and durability in the Oil & Gas industry such as lighting fixtures, junction boxes and enclosures, control and signaling devices, sockets, cable glands, earthing systems and visual signals.


  • Exploration and production
  • Transportation, storage and partial processing of crude oil and gas from the wellheads to the refining plants
  • Processing and delivery of finished carbon related product to the end-user.

Solutions to your needs

With our oil and gas solutions, we provide you:

  • Increased safety and control
  • Continuous operation and increased reliability
  • Energy efficieny
  • Extreme ambient temperature
  • Harsh and demanding environment protection
  • Hazardous location protection
  • Earthing and lighting protection
  • Compliance with Approval specification required ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO, ISO 9001
  • Use in Zones 1, 2, 21, 22.