Did you know? The LOTO procedure and its benefits

What is the LOTO procedure? LOTO stands out for Lockout-Tagout.

It is a safety system used to prevent accidental or unauthorized access to electrical power sources during maintenance or other work.

safety hasp

Usually, a safety hasp is used so every person working on a same equipment has its own lock to secure the device. That way, if an operator do maintenance on the installation but an electrician is checking something else, they can both put their lock; and when one is still working, the other can’t put the power back on. Generally, a tag is placed on the lock to identify the worker who placed it.


When several areas are being worked on at the same time, the operator must use as many locks as necessary to secure power from the system. Indeed, in a standard LOTO procedure, he or she starts by identifying all potential power sources for the concerned equipment.


The goal of this procedure is to prevent accidental startup of a machine while it is in hazardous state or while a worker is in direct contact with it. LOTO procedures are used across industries and are mandated by law in some countries.


MARECHAL ELECTRIC socket outlets are in compliance with all LOTO procedures.

So, how do you lock out and tag out a MARECHAL® socket outlet?


All you need to know is in this video:


Summary of the video

  1. To lock out and tag out a MARECHAL® socket, at the time of the purchase, add the 843 suffix to the socket outlet reference
  2. Insert the shaft in the hole provided
  3. Screw the fixings
  4. Lock the shaft with the help of a padlock or with a safety hasp, or insert directly a padlock

NB: Padlocking also available in the connected position