How do MARECHAL® devices simplify the LOTO procedure?

Many countries regulate the LOTO procedure. Its purpose? To ensure the safety of workers by preventing the restarting of a device or part of the installation. Our products are designed to meet the requirements of this procedure.


In order to facilitate the LOTO procedure (LockOut-TagOut), most MARECHAL® devices are, or can be, equipped with a local padlocking device (not at the cabinet level).


The different MARECHAL® locking devices

- Locking pin for industrial sockets and DECONTACTOR™

- Locking pin for EVO switch-disconnector



- Mechanical or electrical lockout installed directly on the product


- Pilots

o PF


The LOTO procedure can be very restrictive, requiring the shutdown of an entire installation. Thanks to MARECHAL® devices, it is possible to carry out local lockout, thus optimising the continuity of operation of the site by locking out only one machine.