The DECONTACTOR™: approved by Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse experts explain why our socket-outlet using the DECONTACTOR™ technology is a great solution for industrial power supply.


The Solar Impulse experts use several criteria to determine if the solution can get the label:

  • credibility of concept,
  • scalability,
  • environmental benefits,
  • client’s economic incentive,
  • seller’s profitability.


MARECHAL ELECTRIC’s DECONTACTOR™ plug has passed the test!



According to one expert, the DECONTACTOR™ permits to:

“1) Reduce power losses on the connections,

2) Reduce temperature rise on the connections,

3) Thanks to the integrated switch, permits to disconnect equipment that are not currently in use, without the intervention of qualified electricians,

4) Increase the connection system lifetime and number of operations,

5) Support higher in-rush current (up to 8 times the rated current),

6) Replace the consumables parts of the connections, spare parts are available”.


According to the three experts, this socket-outlet is more efficient than the competition, with a reliable and safe technology.



The MARECHAL ELECTRIC Group has adopted a vertically integrated structure and is the major contributor to the value-added of their products at each step of the manufacturing process. Manufacturing internally both finished goods and sub-assemblies allows the company to properly handle the quality of the products. One expert even says: “The manufacturing requires some precision coating and manufacturing. [MARECHAL ELECTRIC]’s control over the manufacturing facilities allows to scale and maintain the needed quality”. This industrial structure also reduces the risk of product shortage.



Another advantage of our DECONTACTOR™ solution is the cost: “[It] is a solution with a similar cost compared to its competitors. However, compared with alternatives available in the market, this product presents savings for the end-user”, one expert notes. Indeed, the DECONTACTOR™ combines the functions of a plug and a switch.

Also, it has “different economic incentives”, another expert says.

Indeed, this solution allows you to save time:

-          a system that “permits [to reduce] the time needed from operators to put in security the system during maintenance”,

-          no need to replace the whole system if it breaks, spare parts are available,

-          longer lifetime due to the material quality, resulting in less product replacements over time. 


The expert concludes: “In the reference case presented, due to the system cost and the use cost reduction, the solution is advantageous from day 1”.