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Intellect Systems is an Australian company specialised in industrial technology solutions, process automation and electrical engineering. Craig Williams, Principal Manufacturing Engineer, talks about MARECHAL® products and their advantages for his activity.

Synergies between MARECHAL® and TECHNOR®

Discover MARECHAL® & TECHNOR® Italsmea products synergy: Ex-proof industrial plug and enclosures for energizing Ex-proof lighting fixtures. 
The safest combo!

They trust us: H.J. Enthoven, UK

H. J. Enthoven & Sons or HJE is the largest capacity single site producer of recycled lead in Europe, located in Darley Dale, England. Clients of MARECHAL ELECTRIC, they agreed to answer our questions.

What is energy efficiency?

In people’s mind, industry and energy efficiency do not seem to go hand in hand. However, more and more actions are being carried out in favour of the environment and with a will to save energy. Here are some of them.