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They trust us: H.J. Enthoven, UK

H. J. Enthoven & Sons or HJE is the largest capacity single site producer of recycled lead in Europe, located in Darley Dale, England. Clients of MARECHAL ELECTRIC, they agreed to answer our questions.

High electrical power

High electrical power: explanation and industries

What is a high current electrical socket outlet? A high current socket outlet has a capacity of more than 150 A in order to be able to connect large equipment and generators, in environments such as: mines and quarries (e. g. excavation machines), ports and shipyards (port equipment and ships), steel industry... What are the industries concerned by this type of socket?

What is energy efficiency?

In people’s mind, industry and energy efficiency do not seem to go hand in hand. However, more and more actions are being carried out in favour of the environment and with a will to save energy. Here are some of them.




Did you know? The LOTO procedure and its benefits

What is the LOTO procedure? LOTO stands out for Lockout-Tagout.

It is a safety system used to prevent accidental or unauthorized access to electrical power sources during maintenance or other work.


MARECHAL ELECTRIC offers through 176 pages a wide and complete range of INDUSTRIAL PLUGS & SOCKET-OUTLETS DECONTACTOR™ & BOXES.
This catalogue is available online.


MARECHAL ELECTRIC offers you motor connection solutions, which are more compact and easy to install. Up to 250 A, our DECONTACTOR ™ industrial sockets combine a secure connection and an integrated switch function (AC 22/23/3).


MARECHAL ELECTRIC has updated its B2X junction box ranges with ‘de’ protection mode (ATEX). B2X has a robust casing in GRP. This range is also dedicated to withstand aggressive environments (corrosion, pollution).