MARECHAL ELECTRIC is now a market leader in the field of electrical connections for tunnels. Thanks to unique technology and materials specifically developed to suit these harsh environments and to offer quick disconnection of electrical installations, MARECHAL® equipment complies with the industry current standards and is certified by the quality accreditation bodies, thus guaranteeing optimum safety.
MARECHAL ELECTRIC is constantly innovating in order to meet the needs of the various operators and facilitate maintenance work.

MARECHAL® boxes are C.S.T.B and IMQ certified.
The connectors and DECONTACTOR™ plugs comply with the European standard IEC 60309-1, the French ministerial order issued on 20/12/2011 pertaining to the rules governing removable electrical equipment and to its connection and usage standards as well as to the Low Voltage Directive.


MARECHAL ELECTRIC is now a leading company in the electric connection for tunnels. Based on technology specially intended for such difficult environments and quick light disconnection, MARECHAL ELECTRIC has already equipped more than 700 km of underground roads, railroads and inland waterways…
Always with the same objective: provide user safety, optimise maintenance and make the work of emergency services easier.

  • Standard lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Jet fans
  • Security recess for fire brigades.

Solutions to your needs

Reliability and conformity of installations

Supply circuits for emergency lighting installed in tunnels must meet the following requirements:
  • EN 50362 European standard, French government Directive No. 2000-63 of 25 August 2000 on safety in tunnels and national road network, 
  • NF C 32-070 French standard, 
  • Guides CETU defining the fire behaviour of road tunnels.
To meet these requirements, MARECHAL® equipment is among the only one on the market to have been tested and certified by C.S.T.B France (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment), and IMQ laboratory in Italy.

Suited materials for the users’ safety
In order to guarantee maximum safety, the materials used in the making of MARECHAL®’s boxes and connectors are corrosion resistant and shockproof (IK09). In the event of a fire, these materials do not produce any halogen gases or smoke. They are resistant to agrresive environemnts (humidity, corrosion, pollution) in industrial sectors and road infrastructures.

Optimised maintenance and washing
All boxes and connectors are watertight and withstand the use of high-pressure washing during tunnel maintenance.

Ease of intervention for emergency services
The boxes have been specially developed in collaboration with emergency services who specialize in tunnel rescue.

We advise you

Supply of standard and emergency lighting.

F400 electrical socket-outlets
Suitable for industries and environments where the ambient temperature is high, such as tunnels. The F400 electrical connectors provide excellent electrical continuity. Very robust, they provide the power to smoke accelerators simplifying maintenance while resisting the conditions of standard NF EN 12101-3.

The PNC is a compact and rugged connector designed for all types of aggressive environments (humidity, corrosion, pollution) found in many industrial sectors including transport infrastructure. MARECHAL®’s technically advanced silver-nickel butt contact system assures high level performance no matter the conditions.




Supply of standard and emergency lighting and jet fan connectors.

HINHEAD TUNNEL, United-Kingdom


Supply emergency lighting and jet fan connectors.
F400 wall mounting socket-outlet for jet fans.


INDRA, Spain

Tunnel Dos Valires, Andorra
Supply emergency lighting and jet fan connectors.