Changing old connectors to MARECHAL® DECONTACTOR™ sockets enhances electrical performance of the plant, minimises the risk of electrical shock and plant downtime. The functional contact design allows for long life use.

Thanks to these plugs and socket-outlets power can be restored to machines quickly to minimise downtime, while always ensuring the electrial safety of operators.


For optimal electrical safety, we offer a wide range of dedicated industrial electrical outlets for:
  • IP protection and differently keyed circuits (protection, motive power)
  • Electrical power for welding appliances
  • Connecting conveyor motors and machines
  • Power supply via high current plugs
  • High-temperature electrical connections.

Solutions to your needs

Robustness: impact resistance and multiple operations
The DECONTACTOR™ and MARECHAL® product ranges depending on the model, have glass-reinforced GRP-type polyester or metal casings. This choice in materials contributes to the plug and scokets excellent mechanical strength and long life expectancy.

Assembly flexibility

The 230/400 V – 3P+N+E dual-voltage sockets are able receive both four-phase and three-phase 400 V plugs, and single-phase 230 V plugs. This compatibility constitutes a real saving for the user when installing these sockets. Different keying positions are available by using one of 24 notch positions. This means only plug and socket combinations with the same notch position can be connected together. 

Safety and ergonomics for operators

A simple push of the button on the top of the socket enables disconnection of equipment under full load, upto currents of 250A. Disconnection can be performed by unskilled operators in complete safety without risk of injury from arcing. It guarantees quick and easy operation and saves time during installation or machine shutdown. For applications where machine lock out is required or situations where the plug must not be removed, then optional padlocking can be used for LOCK OFF and LOCK ON procedures.

Machine shutdown
MARECHAL® DECONTACTOR™ sockets have become the first choice for ease of connection and disconnection of electrical equipment, including motors and pumps. The integral socket switch enables equipment to be connected and disconnected on load at the push of a button. This reduces downtime for maintenance, repositioning of production equipment etc. both skilled and unskilled staff can operate the socket release button to disconnect equipment.

We advise you

DN DECONTACTOR™ 20 A / 30 A / 50 A / 90 A / 150 A
The metal casing on this range is designed for industries where robust connectors are crucial.
DN DECONTACTOR™ can accommodate a wide range of cable diameters, making them perfect for the long cables used in mining and tunnel digging.

PF HIGH-CURRENT PLUGS AND SOCKET-OUTLETS 315 A / 400 A / 500 A / 600 A - 1,000 V
Our PF range can accommodate up to six auxiliaries and two pilots, is IP66/IP67 watertight (standard), and has an electromechanical lock-out system, for maximum safety and water protection.
The metal casing offers IK10 shock resistance and is well-suited to connections for heavy equipment and generators for mining and tunnel-digging operations.

 5 to 37 contacts; 5 A to 30 A
Low currents: 4 mA to 20 mA Our multicontact connectors can hook up equipment to a power supply and transmit data. The silver-nickel alloy used for the butt contacts provides exceptional conductivity and longevity (can withstand several thousands of operations). The casing is available in glass-reinforced polyester or metal to ensure excellent resistance – even in harsh conditions.