Electrical safety is compulsory in the food industry. Power outlets and electrical installations are subject to daily cleaning and high pressure water spray: MARECHAL ® waterproof plugs have been designed to withstand airborne and permanent humidity. Operators are able to connect and disconnect wall mounted or coupler type plugs and sockets in complete safety.

MARECHAL ELECTRIC offers a range of products suited to your applications. The MARECHAL® industrial electrical power socket has a built-in switching function called DECONTACTOR™. This technology makes it possible to connect and disconnect motors in absolute safety, with the ease of “Plug & Play”. MARECHAL® industrial electrical power sockets provide unequalled long term duability and guarantee fast and safe operation during maintenance work. They comply with the IEC EN 60309-1 standard and the European Low Voltage Directive.


  • Electrical connection of mobile pumps and high pressure water jet cleaning equipment
  • Connecting conveyors, cutting machines (slicers, mincers) and control stations.
  • Electrical supply of production machines, mixers, packaging units, fans, tanks.
  • Silos.

Solutions to your needs

Humid & corrosive environments
Our design uses silver-nickel butt contacts which resist corrosion even after many years of operation. The IP66/67/69K seals resist steam, water jetting and cleaning chemicals.

User operation in oily or humid environments

Even if wearing protective gloves the operator can easily remove the plug by simply pressing the release button. This ejects the plug to a parked position. A quarter turn removes the now dead plug from its socket. NB: Our in-line coupler connections are also switched – for extra safety.
For local motor connections the Decontactor also acts as the local isolator. Padlocking is also available for LOCK OFF/LOCK ON requirements.

Hazardous areas

Wide range of plugs and socket-outlets and boxes for explosive atmospheres in accordance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and used in Zones 1 and 2 (gas) and Zone 21 and Zone 22 (dust).

Robust requirements
The glassfibre-reinforced casings resist accidental damage (IK08) are UV as well as operating at temperatures between -40 °C and +60 °C and are suitable for internal and external applications.

We advise you

Covering sizes from 20 to 63 A, DSN DECONTACTOR™ plugs are noted for their compactness of size. The socket + plug combination is automatically IP66/IP67 as soon as the plug is inserted or once the cover is manually closed.

MARECHAL® multicontact connectors are used for signal and control applications. The solid silver-nickel contacts ensure superior conductivity, electrical performance and durability.

Also the materials used for the bodies resist extreme conditions in harsh environments. Crimped terminations ensure quick and easy assembly and disassembly and provide an economical and sustainable solution.

The PNC is a compact and rugged connector designed for all types of aggressive environments (humidity, corrosion, pollution). MARECHAL®’s technically advanced silver nickel butt contact system assures high level performance no matter the conditions.



Senoble, France

Provide power to pumps in order to mix the milk (dairy by-products) and to clean the tanks.
Stolle Machinery

Stolle Machinery, United States and Brazil

Machines for the food and beverage cans processing
Power supply to production process, vaporizers, testers.

Legumex, Belgium

Logistics transport and fresh fruit and vegetable company
Provide power to conveyors, check points and packaging machines.