Your electrical plugs and socket-outlets must not only comply with strict quality and safety standards, they must also deliver high performance and flexibility – and be robust enough to withstand daily exposure to harsh conditions like dust, mud, and humidity. At MARECHAL®, we offer a unique portfolio of DECONTACTOR™ plugs, socket-outlets, and multi-contact connectors that meet the demanding requirements inherent to mine and quarry operations. With our proprietary systems, you can be assured of safe, reliable power connections at every step of your process: power supply, extraction, and processing.
The right industrial connector for your mining equipment needs:
• Hard rock mining
• Alluvial mining
• Underground and open pit mining.

The DECONTACTOR™ is a plug and socket-outlet system with an integrated power switch, allowing you to connect and disconnect motors in absolute safety – with plug-and-play-like simplicity. This proprietary technology also makes equipment maintenance fast and safe. With our exceptionally robust system, you can be sure that your industrial electrical connections deliver long-lasting performance and comply with the latest regulations (like IEC EN 60947-3 for switches, IEC EN 60309-1 and the EU Low Voltage Directive.



Power supply
  • Generators
  • Motor signal and control
  • Electrical enclosures and boxes
  • Saws, cutters, and shearers
  • Loaders
  • Conveyors 
  • Crushers and grinders
  • Sieves and screens
  • Pumps

Solutions to your needs

IP66/IP67 sealing
IP66/IP67 sealing is achieved as soon as the plug is inserted or lid is closed manually. Mines and quarries need to pump a lot of water, for equipment cleaning and as part of wastewater and surface runoff treatment processes. With our DECONTACTOR™ plugs and socket-outlets, you can easily hook up and remove pumps on the fly – without having to wait for a maintenance technician. The connections are IP66/IP67 watertight, meaning they are automatically protected against any accidental contact with water.

DECONTACTOR™ technology: proven safety
• A socket-outlet with a built-in switch, all in a single, compact unit
• Just press the button once to cut the current and eliminate the risk of electric shock; the plugs then eject automatically, disconnecting the appliance
• Personnel safety is guaranteed at all times.

Reliable, long-lasting electrical connections
MARECHAL® connectors are fitted with spring-loaded contacts providing continuous, durable connections. The silver-nickel tipped contacts deliver exceptional connection quality and superior resistance to humidity and corrosion – even after years of use.

Mechanical lock-outs for enhanced user safety
An optional lock-out system can prevent current from unexpectedly reaching equipment while maintenance is being performed, and can be seamlessly incorporated into your lock-off procedures. After safely unplugging the DECONTACTOR™, you can mechanically lock off the socket outlet.

We advise you

DN DECONTACTOR™ 20 A / 30 A / 50 A / 90 A
The metal casing on this range is designed for industries where robust connectors are crucial. DN DECONTACTOR™ can accommodate a wide range of cable diameters, making them perfect for the long cables used in mining and tunnelling.

MULTICONTACT Crimp mounting CONNECTORS 5 to 37 contacts; 5 A to 30 A Low currents: 4 mA to 20 mA Our multicontact connectors can hook up equipment to a power supply and transmit data. The silver-nickel alloy used for the butt contacts provides exceptional conductivity and longevity (can withstand several thousand operations).
Casings are available in glass-reinforced polyester or metal to ensure excellent resistance – even in harsh conditions. 

DS4 HIGH-CURRENT CONNECTORS AVAILABLE AS 400 A 1,000 V Our DS4 range offers compact plug and socket-outlet systems for connections up to 400 A 1,000 V. The sturdy metal box means that the system will continue to work reliably even in harsh conditions. DS4 connectors come standard with two pilot contacts that can be used to electrically lock out the system and a steel mechanical interlok mechanism – making them suitable for cranes connections.