Entertainment & Media

With the general public present at events then organisers must consider the electrical safety of their equipment and infrastructure. Exhibitors also need to be able to connect and dosconnect as required without the need for an on site electrical engineer. The electrical connections must be able to meet high demands and peaks in power requirements without any interruption in supply to the exhibitors.

Ease and flexibility of use are the key factors for the success of the implantations and their rotation in continuous sequencing. For many years the DECONTACTOR™ has be a must in the cinema and entertainments markets, it combines high levels of safety for the user with simple operation, especially on portable installations (extension leads, mobile cabinets, , electrical racks....) Flexibilty of set up and operation is within easy reach of everyone; just press the button on the top of the socket to eject the plug. They can also be supplied as dual voltage units, offering 400V 3P+N+E, 3P+E or single phase 1P+N+E configurations.



Electrically connecting cabinets or distribution boxes at fairs to the underground power grid and powering installations
  • High-power connections and mobile kitchen connections. 
  • Electrical connections be able to supply high power needs and cope with peaks in demand to ensure the continuous supply of power during an event.                                                      
  • Electrical sockets for lighting and sounds systems, power stages, generator sets, electrical boxes, offices, media rooms, field kitchens, dressing rooms, car parking and camp site lighting.

Solutions to your needs

High power needs
MARECHAL® high-current plugs provide a reliable connection up to 700 A / 1000 V, even under the harshest environments.

Electrical safety

This shutter protects the user (IP4X/IPXXD). The live contacts are not accessible, even to a screwdriver or small wire.
A button placed on the top of the socket enables you, with just finger pressure on the button, to disconnect the equipment on full load, up to 250 A. This operation can be performed by anyone. The plug can then be removed in complete safety. The plug removal is safe and does not present an electrical hazard. It guarantees a quick and easy operation and saves time during installation or machine shutdown.
On high risk facilities or where the unauthorised disconnection of a plug must be prevented, full padlocking systems are available to offer complete safety.

Flexibility and modularity of plugs and socket-outlets

The 230/400 V – 3P+N+E dual-voltage sockets are desgned to work with four-phase and three-phase 400 V plugs, and single-phase 230 V plugs. This compatibility allows a real saving for the user when installing these sockets.
Keying is associated with different positions of the terminals within the unit housings. Cross connection is prevented by specifying a different notch postion for different voltages, in all 24 position are available through the machining of the 'notch' ring inside the unit.

The use of floor boxes mounted underneath flooring keeps walk ways clear and avoids the risk of possible tampering by children. Space is optimised, cables are kept out of site making for amire location on the floor replaces electrical boxes and clears the way, while avoiding risks of manipulation by children or adolescents. The space is optimized through the removal of trailing cables, thi makes for a more asthetic appearance for the event or attraction.

We advise you

DSN / DS / DN DECONTACTOR™ From 20 A to 250 A
The DSN/DS/DN range spans currents from 20 A to 250 A, making it our largest and most complete DECONTACTOR™ range. Socket-outlets and connectors are available in glass-reinforced polyester for currents from 20 to 150 A and in metal for currents from 20 to 250 A, and offer a large array of options like keying systems and auxiliary contacts.

700 A
Thanks to the butt-contact technology the SP single pole connector can carry a permanent current of 700 A/ 1 000 V ac or 1500 V dc [connection with 70 to 400m² conductors]. Super yachts, cruise ships or the Navy will use it for quayside connection via single cable. Available in ATEX .