The electrical department of local councils, OEM's, installers and engineering offices need reliability and durability when providing power for an event whatever the size. Throughout the year for these kind of events you are asked to adjust the electrical power output of the installation according to the type of the event and the mobility it may require.

To cope with the diversity of energy needs, the size and configuration of your sites, you are looking for high performance plugs, ensuring the safety and autonomy of users.
MARECHAL ELECTRIC meets your expectations.


DECONTACTOR™ electrical outlets are ideally suited for supplying installations in public areas. 

  • Marketplaces, fairs, cultural events ...: ground terminals for temporary connection of a box or electrical cabinets allowing users to connect directly.
  • Halls, amusement parks, exhibition centers …

Solutions to your needs

Safety in public spaces
With the DECONTACTOR™ - a proprietary MARECHAL® technology – you can quickly, easily, and above all safely connect and disconnect equipment from a live power supply up to 250 A and 75 kW, with no need for pilot wiring and contactor. The safety shutter protects users from live contacts and protects against electrical shocks (IP4X/IPXXD).

Automatic I66/IP67 sealing: ensuring optimal operation in humid conditions
IP66/IP67 sealing is achieved as soon as the plug is inserted or lid is closed manually.. It enables the product to be used in extremely wet or dusty environments. Some of our plugs are available up to IP69k for high-pressure cleaning at 100 bar and 80 °C.

Mobility of installations
The MARECHAL® plugs and socket-outlets have been designed for power supply to mobile installations (extension, mobile cabinets, racks with socket ....). Flexibility and ease of use are the key factors to the success of the installations and their continuous operation throughout the year.

Dual-voltage socket-outlets : the perfect cost effective solution

Simplify the operation of shore connection: for 16 A, 32 A or 63 A power, dual voltage plugs and socket-outlets enable the connection to a boat with 230 V or another craft requiring 400 V.
A domestic adapter can be used for small dock maintenance.

We advise you

DSN / DS / DN DECONTACTOR™From 20 A to 250 A 
The DSN/DS/DN range spans currents from 20 A to 250 A, making it our largest and most complete DECONTACTOR™ range. Socket-outlets and connectors are available in glass-reinforced polyester for currents from 20 to 150 A and in metal for currents from 20 to 250 A, and offer a large array of options like keying systems and auxiliary contacts.

 315 A / 400 A / 500 A / 600 A - 1,000 V
Our PF range can accommodate up to six auxiliaries and two pilots, is IP66/IP67 watertight (standard), and has an electromechanical lock-out system, for maximum safety and water protection. The metal casing offers IK10 shock resistance and is well-suited to connections for heavy equipment and generators for mining and tunnelling operations.