Equipment and power supply for safety in AIRPORTS

Aircraft access gateways, cooling or heating of the aircraft, lighting, maintenance... All these airport applications require a power supply. Our socket outlets make it easy to maintain and simplify the daily lives of the personnel concerned.



When it comes to air freight or passenger management, staff are faced with several problems: remote power supply that can withstand a sometimes humid outdoor environment and changing temperatures, as well as corrosive agents. 

  • Heating or cooling of aircraft, 

  • mobile lighting, 

  • power supply for Skydrol benches.... 

all these applications are concerned. 


When maintaining aircraft in hangars, the supply of access docks and tools requires strong and durable connections. 

The applications concerned are:

  • Connection of tools and docks;

  • Connection of access docks (nose, hold, superstructure, tail and wings...) via electrical boxes and cabinets.


When the aircraft lands, the luggage is transported on a conveyor belt: a motor connection is required. The plug-in connection ensures staff safety and service continuity because maintenance is made easier and faster. 

Learn more about motor connection


Our DECONTACTOR range of electrical sockets (socket with integrated switch):

  • Disconnect safely: load shutdown and arc protection (safety disc); 

  • Can be used without electrical authorization when connecting and disconnecting during aircraft parking;

  • Facilitate maintenance (handling, loading and unloading operations);

  • Comply with the LOTO procedure for added security;

  • Resistant to temperatures from -40° to +60°;

  • Resistant to pollutants, corrosive liquids and aggressive substances (oils, fuels, chemical thinners);

  • Resistant to shocks and trampling of the equipment;

  • Are durable and efficient: continuous or frequent operation; 

  • Are compact and can be integrated into traps.

All our socket outlets comply with international electrical standards (IEC/EN 60309-1, IEC/EN 60309-4, IEC/EN 60947-3 and ISO 18001 LOTO procedure).