For a multitude of aircraft applications, fire brigades or electrical applications at airports, the electrical plugs and socket-outlets and boxes from MARECHAL® provide safety and user friendly ergonomics.

On a daily basis, the technical teams are faced with demand for electrical power and equipment mobility in order to control all systems and equipment on board the aircraft or on runways.+O5


  • Power for the hot and/or cold pre-conditioning of aircraft in areas away from terminals (ground pits equipped with MARECHAL® sockets for the connection of mobile units at the foot of the plane),
  • Mobile lighting banks for the A380 and for safety when parking the airplanes, to ensure maintenance, loading and unloading,
  • Electrical power connections for the airports fire engines,
  • The terminals: doors equipped with DS9 on tracks and footbridges with a micro-switch for heating (passenger comfort) or emergency cooling (backup power via mobile devices), in the case of the malfunctioning of the heating and cooling element sleeves for the preparation of the aircraft before the boarding of passengers,
  • The maintenance (connection of tools and docks) of airplanes in the hangars for maintenance,
  • Floor pits in the areas of air freight (FedEx),
  • Docks access (nose, hold, superstructure, tail and wings ...) via electrical boxes and cabinets,
  • Power supply to Skydrol machine for the maintenance of all hydraulic circuits of an airplane.

Solutions to your needs

A multi-site plug with multiple applications
Many operating companies choose these industrial plugs, sockets and boxes to cover all their requirements on site: operations, maintenance, mobility of equipment, high power needs, lighting.

Planning and maintenance of power in 3x8
Within the hangars, dedicated to the maintenance of the long-haul fleets, the maintenance departments include approximately one hundred technicians. These technical teams take it in turns for 2 consecutive weeks in groups of 3x8 and use these plugs at medium and high power.

Impact resistance, pollutants and corrosive liquids
The deployment of distribution boxes and other mobile enclosures necessitate the use of and space for numerous cables both on the hangar floor and on the access rigs. These cables are regularly used on the floor together with their MARECHAL® plugs and sockets. Being designed to withstand harsh environments, they resist the typical wear and tear caused by daily use on the hangar floor offering up to IK09 depending on the socket range.
As the industrial plugs are in contact in numerous areas where Skydrol is present, they have been tested by immersion in it to meet the needs of resistance and sealing (IP66/IP67) to this highly corrosive product.

Ensure arc flash protection

DECONTACTOR™ provides arc flash protection by eliminating the potential for exposure to live parts or arcing. The contacts are completely enclosed during load-making and breaking, ensuring that any associated arcing is safely isolated inside the arc chambers. The plug can only be removed if the socket has been switched ‘off’ and therefore the  plug contacts are dead. The safety shutter on the socket automatically closes when the plug is removed, maintaining a dead front and preventing access to live parts. Thus, at no time during the operation of the device will the user have unintended contact with live contacts or arcing.

We advise you

DSN / DS / DN DECONTACTOR™>From 20 A to 250 A
The DSN/DS/DN range spans currents from 20 A to 250 A, making it our largest and most complete DECONTACTOR™ range. Socket-outlets and connectors are available in glass-reinforced polyester for currents from 20 to 150 A and in metal for currents from 20 to 250 A, and offer a large array of options like keying systems and auxiliary contacts.

PF HIGH-CURRENT PLUGS AND SOCKET-OUTLETS 315 A / 400 A / 500 A / 600 A - 1,000 V
Our PF range can accommodate up to six auxiliaries and two pilots, is IP66/IP67 watertight (standard), and has an electromechanical lock-out system, for maximum safety and water protection. The metal casing offers IK10 shock resistance and is well-suited to connections for heavy equipment and generators for mining and tunnelling operations. 

Battery charging connector system for rescue vehicles with an electromagnetic self-eject system comprising coupler socket and an inlet mounted in a box.




Aeronautics - maintenance hangars

Power for the hot and/or cold pre-conditioning of aircraft in areas away from terminals
Mobile lighting banks
Electrical power connections for fire engines
Pits on runways and boarding bridges
Maintenance : connection of tools and docks.


BOEING, United States

Aeronautics - Production of 787 Dreamliner aircra
Mobile plugs and socket-outlets between distribution boxes and welding or portable tools.

AENA, Spain

Airports Madrid, Barcelona, Barajas…
Connection of generator sets.