They trust us: H.J. Enthoven, UK



H. J. Enthoven & Sons or HJE is the largest capacity single site producer of recycled lead in Europe, located in Darley Dale, England. Clients of MARECHAL ELECTRIC, they agreed to answer our questions.




The initial need of the company is explained by Ian McNair, Electrical Co-ordinator at HJE: “We had been using a competitor’s product, but had found that repeated connection and disconnection resulted in a high rate of failure in service. We had also experienced issues resulting from heat damage during operation due to the site environment”.

They needed a stronger product, adapted to harsh environments and which could be easily and frequently manipulated. Since Mr McNair “had a previous experience with [our] products from [his] last employment”, he turned to MARECHAL ELECTRIC.

Regarding our socket outlets, he adds: “They are a reliable, rugged products which can withstand a reasonable amount of operator abuse in a heavy industrial environment”.