THEY TRUST US: Joloda International


Mr Hartstone explains what the company needed: “We manufacture automated trailers for loading pallets inside; we are required always to get a power supply/communications plugs & socket. Sometimes need to be self-disconnect or just high quality due to the amount of plugging & unplugging.”

Indeed, our socket outlets are designed to sustain thousands of plugging-unplugging cycles.

The choice of MARECHAL® plugs was determined by the DECONTACTOR™ main feature, the fact that it is a switch-rated socket outlet: “We chose MARECHAL® for the quality of contacts & the ability to disconnect under load if done accidentally by somebody. Also, the option to provide to our customers the self-ejecting series is now also a major benefit”.

Mr Hartstone adds: “We are very satisfied. The support from sales has been great with even visiting a customer with us as we proposed MARECHAL ELECTRIC for a particular project and he was very knowledgeable of the products. The quality of the components we receive is also high quality and we never hear any issues back from customers and we feel comfortable using them on major projects – obviously the funding needs to be available”.

Not only are they happy with our service and products, but also: “In addition to this, MARECHAL ELECTRIC has a product which covers every application we have required so far and I have seen improvements in information available on the internet over the past 4 years of employment in Joloda.”