Synergies between MARECHAL® and TECHNOR®

TECHNOR Italsmea explosion proof product offer benefits from the synergy achieved being part of the MARECHAL ELECTRIC Group

Since its acquisition by the Group, TECHNOR Italsmea is able to offer Ex proof assemblies which combine the know-how and expertise of both companies. 

You will see below how a MARECHAL® DXN (Ex-de socket-outlet) matches the TECHNOR® Ex d enclosures.

There are three existing solutions to integrate a DXN socket (Ex de socket-outlet) on an Ex-d enclosure:

  • The DXN socket can be mounted using a PB AX barrier cable gland, a cost-efficient solution which allows to preserve the Ex-d integrity of the enclosure. For this assembly, we recommend the selection of an enclosure suitable to accommodate the DXN female/male socket on a 70° sleeve. The DXN female/male socket can be mounted on the lid or on the sides of the enclosure.
  • The DXN socket-outlet can be mounted using a sealing bushing which preserves the Ex-d integrity of the enclosure. In this case, it is possible to mount DXN1 and DXN3 sockets on a 30° sleeve. This provides a compact solution with our enclosures. The pictures below show an example of a portable transformer unit equipped with a 240V inlet and a 24V outlet designed for the power supply of a portable lamp.

  • The DXN socket is integrated to the Ex-d enclosure through the combination of single seal and barrier gland or sealing fittings. This solution requires a mounting frame for the socket-outlet. It is recommended for currents above 63A.