The first separable switch-disconnector ideal for the food industry

EVO in two words: safety and simplicity

First separable switch-disconnector, EVO is the ideal product for the food & beverage industry


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Interrupteur Sectionneur étanche Séparable 40a EVO agroalimentaire

EVO40 is the only separable switch-disconnector on the market: the safety benefit is unquestionable. With a conventional switch-disconnector, the switchover to OFF can’t be 100% guaranteed, in the event of an overvoltage with melting of the contacts; with EVO, a fully visible disconnection is ensured because of its separation in two, thus allowing a safe disconnection. In addition to this aspect, the product is safe for two other important reasons.

The first is that the user does not have access to the active parts (IP4X).

The second is that the product is IP66/IP67 waterproof in the ON & OFF positions.

Reminder of the IP indicator meaning.

First digit


Second digit



Protection against solid bodies/tools 1mm


Splash resistance


Protection against dust


Protection against water jets




Completely protected against powerful water jets (fire hose)




Protection against the effects of temporary immersion




Protection against the effects of prolonged immersion under specified conditions




Protection against high pressure water jets


IP66/IP67 waterproof, what are the advantages for the food industry?

EVO ensures continuous waterproofness even under powerful water jets (fire hose). As a result, cleaning can be done safely.

In addition, EVO's ergonomics have been studied to ensure that there is no retention zone: food cannot get stuck in the product. The product durability is ensured and the hygiene of the installations respected.

As the switch-disconnector can be disconnected easily and locally, by a simple "twist" movement, machine changes are easier and faster. For plants that manufacture various products, this makes it possible to switch from one production line to another in a minimum amount of time.


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