Product improvement : laser marking

Until very recently, MARECHAL® socket outlets were all marked with a label providing product information. In order to increase the readability and durability of this information, MARECHAL ELECTRIC has implemented laser marking. More details below.

Why laser marking? Previously, our product information was printed on labels applied to the socket outlets. Despite the label quality, some activities, such as high-pressure cleaning in the food & beverage industry, can cause damage.


Thanks to laser marking, there is no risk of losing information to properly identify the products. There is no doubt, the evolution of laser technology allows a more qualitative marking, more adapted to MARECHAL® materials. It is:

  • Indelible
  • Unchanging
  • Resistant to
    • Corrosion
    • UV exposure
    • Rubbing


In order to provide high quality products, MARECHAL ELECTRIC has chosen to adopt this new technology, avoiding the use of labels that can be damaged with time. Our products are durable, and it seemed necessary that the information written on them should be to.

Therefore, there will be, on the side the socket and of the plug, the following information:

  • Product family,
  • Reference,
  • Polarity,
  • Electrical voltage / intensity,
  • IP protection rating,
  • Manufacturing date code
  • CE logo.

This improvement will be available first on our main families, the DECONTACTOR®*, industrial and Ex, and will then gradually extend, little by little, to the other references.

*Main references of DSN1, DSN3, DSN6, DXN1, DXN3, DXN6, DS1, DS3, DS4, DS6, PN.