Problems in choosing the right solution?

In hazardous areas such as refineries, oil drilling platforms, chemical plants, etc, it is highly essential to have clear vision. To achieve this, you need reliable explosion-proof lighting equipment. 

As one of the world leaders in manufacturing lighting fixtures, TECHNOR ITALSMEA is your ideal partner for explosion-proof lighting solutions. We combine expertise and a 50-year experience to support you during the choice of your lighting equipment, offering a variety of explosion protection technologies in order to meet any need or requirement. 

Our objective is to provide system engineers and operators with long-lasting solutions that can be used safely anywhere in the world under various operating conditions and require little maintenance.  TECHNOR ITALSMEA lighting fixtures are suitable for applications in Zone 1-21 and 2-22 and can be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres such as refineries, offshore drilling platforms, drilling and extraction FPSO ships, chemical and petrochemical plants, cereal storages, paint booths, biogas plants and in all industrial areas where there may be explosion risk. 

Different solutions for different applications

TECHNOR ITALSMEA products range include linear lighting fixtures, wellglass lighting fixtures and floodlights, as well as signaling devices and emergency lighting. All these different lighting fixtures were designed in order to fulfil a wide spectrum of application needs. Indeed, it is essential to choose the correct lighting fixtures according to the area to be illuminated.

Here, we present some examples of applications and our recommended solutions: 

Application: General illumination of warehouses and production sites with ceiling below 4 m, where a continuous row of lighting is required  

Solution: Linear & tubular lighting fixtures 

Application: General illumination of large-scale production sites with ceiling above 4 m where an increased luminous intensity is required. 


ApplicationTargeted illumination of tanks and operating machines such as pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, resistors 

SolutionSpotlights Wellglass lighting fixtures / Tanks lighting fixtures 

ApplicationSidewalk / perimeter lighting  

SolutionPendant lighting fixtures  

How to design a state-of-the-art lighting system?

The quality of a lighting system does not just depend on its luminaires. In order to provide lighting with well-defined intensity thresholds, lighting systems need to be designed to fit the facility – whether it is an offshore platform, a refinery or a cereal storage.  

In order to define the correct lighting system for a given space, it is essential to carry out an environmental analysis. Thanks to our sophisticated tools, our technical engineers can determine the correct number of lighting fixtures needed, their inclination and the recommended mounting option.  

Environmental analyses are carried out through:

  • A 3D simulator software showing the space to be lit and giving a more accurate representation of what is needed for a given space;
  • A lighting calculator giving a previsualization of the illumination generated by our lighting fixtures. 

Since the various spaces to be lit have different characteristics and different requirements, it goes without saying that for a correct lighting calculation, many parameters need to be considered:

  • Type and color of the walls, ceiling and floor,
  • Field of view of all the visual elements, such as the size of the structures and contrast,
  • Distance between the light source and the floor or the work surface,
  • Distance between the light source and the illuminated point,
  • Light intensity emitted by the source in the direction of the point to be illuminated,
  • Average illuminance guaranteed,
  • Value in % of lamps decline.