Markets and references

MARECHAL® and TECHNOR® products are ideal for the most demanding users, installers, integrators (EPC, OEM, etc.). Where safety, reliability and endurance are required. Each year, our teams provide advice, technical follow-up and design of custom solutions as part of projects or sites in more than 100 countries.

Industrial installations

In all industrial installations, there are critical areas or processes where reliability, strength and safety are essential. The main industries using our products are:

More than 40 000 product references

The offer is segmented by areas of activity and by types of site/project: NEW or RENOVATION, industrial or ATEX areas. This is in order to meet the requirements of the multiple and varied configurations of electrical installations: more than 40,000 product references are supplied every year.

They trust us

These companies already trust us:
  • Technip, 
  • Total, 
  • Nestlé, 
  • Pepsi, 
  • Aramco, 
  • Sasol, 
  • SNCF, 
  • EDF, 
  • CEPSA, 
  • Actavis, 
  • Transnet,
  • Arcelor, 
  • Universal Studios, 
  • Airbus, 
  • Boeing, 
  • McDonald's,
  • Rio Tinto, 
  • and BHP Billiton.


Thierry Paviot, CCI Nice Côte d'Azur (France)
"The standardisation of MARECHAL®’s products means that we only need a few tools, and fast access to MARECHAL®’s spares parts, to carry out all of the maintenance procedures on the connectors. Moreover, by using dual‐voltage DSN3 32A or DS6 63/90A plugs, we can use the same connectors for boats that need a single‐phase 220V supply and those which need a three‐phase 400V supply." 

 Bernard et Franck Van Colenberghe, VANCO BELGIUM & HERVE TRANSPORT

"Self‐ejecting plugs contribute to the good management of the trucks’ movements at Vanco. The equipment is resistant to shocks and harsh weather conditions. "

Bernard Jakob, FOMIA (France)

“The presses are running well, no problems at all.”

“We have been using the same connectors for over 25 years, even if we don't use all the contacts. Our customers are all satisfied. We send them a connector which they are familiar with. They unwire and they rewire. They carry out repairs themselves.”

Marcel Dumas, GIMAEX (France)

"No feedback on 2 years’ warranty of our vehicles."

"We do not encounter any particular problem with MARECHAL®."