MARECHAL® technology: Faster. Safer. Easier.

Water treatment - MARECHAL ELECTRIC

™ technology combines a plug, a socket-outlet and an integrated switch in one device. They allow operators to safely and easily break electrical connections, even under full load up to 250A @ 1000V. This facilitates a plug-and-play functionality, ideal for portable pumps or pumps requiring frequent swop-out for repair and maintenance.


The superior material quality of the DECONTACTOR™ ensures that it can withstand harsh environments from slurry pits to wastewater treatment plants. By way of example, the silver-nickel contacts, and chemical resistant casings help withstand corrosion caused by the hydrogen sulfide gases often found in wastewater environments.  


Other features such as optional auxiliary pilot contacts make operations safer and more efficient by allowing electrical interlocking, which simplifies the monitoring of key parameters that may indicate thermal alarms or seal failures.


A patented, spring assisted, screw terminal design helps prevent loose connections due to thermal cycling or vibration.


In summary, the DECONTACTOR's spring-loaded, silver-nickel, butt-style contacts provide consistently superior electrical performance over thousands of operations and are resistant to wear, corrosion, oxidation, and other factors that contribute to the premature failure of standard pin & sleeve devices.


MARECHAL® is simply faster, easier and safer.

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