According to the „French Institute of Industrial Resources*1“, industrial maintenance plays a key role in the improvement of the quality of production management and aims to maintain its activity through operations such as repairing, verification, control of equipment, ...

In the industrial sector, there are two types of maintenance operations:


  • Following a detected breakdown, this will lead to production downtime while the equipment is being repaired. This is called corrective maintenance.


  • Before a breakdown, all installations will be inspected periodically to limit the risk of failure. This is called preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance does not always avoid machine or production downtime, its optimisation is therefore essential.


Maintenance industrielle

Industrial maintenance (corrective or preventive) usually generates costs due to production downtime, calling an electrician or damage to electrical equipment. According to a study lead by Xerfi (French private institute of sectoral studies*2), more and more industrial organisations are focusing on strengthening their ability to perform predictive maintenance in-order to optimise the overall cost of operation of their electrical installations.

The installation of MARECHAL® products help to limit the impact of maintenance operations on the efficiency production processes.

DSN3 DECONTACTOR TM MARECHALThe DECONTACTOR™ series combines the function of an industrial socket-outlet and a switch-disconnector, allowing you to power your equipment in applications up to 250 A, without adding an external contactor to break the supply. The DECONTACTOR is designed to be connected and disconnected under load which can greatly reduce production downtime.

In addition, local isolation allows the equipment on which the work is planned to be disconnected without having to be isolated back at the main electrical control panel. Local isolation also provides visible confirmation that the supply is disconnected. Maintenance technicians can complete their work in the minimum amount of time and in complete safety.

In the case of a breakdown, no electrical training is required, disconnection of the supply can be safely and quickly carried out. Waiting for a qualified electrician whilst a production line is down is therefore no longer a problem. For example: maintenance work to replace a motor or pump can be carried by one mechanical technician.

This also helps with the difficulty in recruiting qualified personnel.


Through the use of high-quality products and long-life technology the number of long-term maintenance operations can be reduced. MARECHAL® butt contact technology reduces corrosion and overheating and provides better conductivity at the connection interface.

Contacts en bout MARECHAL ELECTRICFor even more safety, MARECHAL® devices allow the implementation of LOTO procedures to ensure the safety of equipment operators. 

>> LOTO Procedure


MARECHAL® products are suitable for use in harsh industrial environments and hazardous areas and they comply with various local and international standards.

  • They are specifically designed for use in these industries:

-         Water treatment

-         Food and Beverage industries

-         Heavy industries

-         Transport

-         Chemical industries


  • For the connection to:

-         Motors

-         Pumps

-         Production machinery

-         Mobile devices

-         Vehicle charging stations

*1 "Institut des Ressources Industrielles“
*2 "Institut privé français d’études sectorielles"