TECHNOR Italsmea presents its Fast-Line Service: the new Ex Works delivery service in 15 working days max. from order receipt!  

Fast-Line Service reflects our desire to improve our service in order to keep up with customers’ needs. We aim at delivering top-quality and reliable solutions in the shortest time. 

Thanks to our Fast-Line Service, we are committed to deliver: 

  • A selection of electrical components, mechanical fittings and empty EJB series enclosures, in 5 working days from order receipt.
  • Simple Ex local control stations and Ex terminal junction boxes in 15 working days max. from order receipt, 
  • A selection of Ex lighting fixtures in 15 working days max. from order receipt, 

Terms and Conditions of FAST-LINE service


  • The purchase order shall not require more than 15 pieces of Ex lighting fixtures, Ex terminal junction boxes and Ex local control stations, 
  • To respect the mentionned delivery times, the engineering activity is simplified and for this reason, as-built drawings will be provided for information only. No approval process of the given drawings will take place. The assembly of junction boxes and/or local control stations will be made at TECHNOR Italsmea's sole discretion (keeping into account customer's requirements as much as possible) using our standard terminals, operators and components, 
  • Painted products are supplied with our standard painting cycle (C4) and standard colour blue-grey RAL5014. 

To get detailed informaiton about what components, accessories, finished products and quantities can be ordered, do not hesitate to contact us