MARECHAL® DECONTACTOR™ sockets have become the first choice for ease of connection and disconnection of electrical equipment, including motors and pumps, to the power supply. The integral socket switch enables equipment to be connected and disconnected on load at the push of a button. This reduces downtime for maintenance, repositioning of production equipment etc. because both qualified and multiskilled staff can operate the socket release button to disconnect plant. Once released the plug is dead. DECONTACTOR™ sockets can be supplied with a padlocking facility that enables users to comply with LOTO procedures for the increased safety of plant workers. The socket padlock bar when fitted prevents the socket release button from being pressed thus providing visible isolation. It’s also possible to lock-out the plug to prevent unwanted reconnection.

With an industrial switched DECONTACTOR™ range from 20 to 250 A and switched ATEX range from 20 to 200 A MARECHAL® offers a quick disconnect/isolation/LOTO safety solution for your plant. These are robust, watertight devices that offer enhanced electrical performance to keep your plant running and your staff safe.