A fresh look for TECHNOR Italsmea

To celebrate its 50th anniversary of activity, TECHNOR ITALSMEA launched a new colour for its painted products.

From military green as we have known so far, TECHNOR ITALSMEA’s products turn into a unique and recognizable blue-grey shade (RAL 5014) to give a message to the market it is standing out from competitors, who usually choose grey or white-beige shades.


The new blue-grey shade has been chosen with a double purpose: to pay tribute to the brand origins and to consolidate a strong brand image matching the one of its parent company, MARECHAL ELECTRIC GROUP. 

The new colour reminds both the original petroleum blue chosen in 1969, when the family company “Italiana Impianti Strumentazione Materiali Elettrici Antideflagranti" was founded; and the iconic blue of MARECHAL ELECTRIC GROUP, who has been investing for the growth of TECHNOR ITALSMEA since the acquisition of the brand in 2013.


The new blue-grey colour means:

  • a breath of fresh air for our consolidated products, which maintain their functional features in a brand-new look.
  • an attractive design for our latest launches on the market

                         Flameproof enclosure: EJB Series                                               Local control station: CP-EFDCN Series                                                         Floodlight: FL-LED Series

                         Lighting fixture: Zone 2, 22 - TL2 series                                          Lighting fixture: Zone 1, 21 - EVde LED series