Why choose MARECHAL® products for your water treatment site?

For easier maintenance:
The DECONTACTOR is a switch-rated socket outlet; the integrated switch allows the safe and easy removal of the plug, therefore an electrician is not required to disconnect the supply before work can begin. The DECONTACTOR™ series combines the advantages of a socket outlet with the performance of a switch.

Our DECONTACTOR combines the advantages of a power socket with the performance of a switch.

Ideal for connections to:

Motor & pumps connection - MARECHAL ELECTRIC

Pump and Motor Connections

DSN industrial socket outlets are perfect to power sewer pumps & motors.

Key performance features include: 

- IP66/67/69 for effective protection against water ingress, even high pressure water jets from cleaning equipment and also temporary immersion;

- Faster site maintenance: with its inbuilt-switch, our DECONTACTOR™ allows pumps to be quickly replaced without isolating the supply, therefore keeping downtime to a minimum;

- The ability to withstand repeated overloads when starting motors;

- Long service life thanks to the robust GRP housings: safety is ensured even after thousands of connections;

- Simple operation: no struggling to remove the plug;

- Padlocking available for full isolation (LOTO procedure).