Why choose MARECHAL® switch-rated socket outlets for your water treatment site?

For easier maintenance:
The DECONTACTOR is a switch-rated socket outlet; the integrated switch allows the safe and easy removal of the plug, therefore its is not necessary to be an electrician to disconnect the supply before work can begin. The DECONTACTOR™ series combines the advantages of a socket outlet with the performance of a switch.

Ideal for connections to:

Motor & pumps connection - MARECHAL ELECTRIC

Pump and Motor Connections

DSN industrial socket outlets are perfect to power sewer pumps & motors.

Key performance features include: 

- IP66/67/69 for effective protection against water ingress, even high pressure water jets from cleaning equipment and also temporary immersion;

- Faster site maintenance: with its inbuilt-switch, our DECONTACTOR™ allows pumps to be quickly maintained without isolating the supply, therefore keeping downtime to a minimum;

- The ability to withstand repeated overloads when starting motors;

- Long service life thanks to the robust GRP housings (notably, resistance to H2S emissions): safety is ensured even after thousands of connections;

- Simple disconnection: no struggling to remove the plug;

- Padlocking available for full isolation (LOTO procedure).


Simplify your installation

Did you know? 
You can also add all the pump local control command directly on the product.

What does it mean? It simplifies your installation with an all-in-one solution: direct integration of any control command selector on the wall box.

See below an example with a local switch and a start/stop button.

Conventional installation VS simplified MARECHAL® installation


It saves you space & cost (vs a stainless steel structure).

This configuration will ensure:

  • Local switching;
  • Local pump testing after maintenance operation.

Configured with a 4 auxiliaries 3P+E polarity, this will give you information feedback from the pump to the main board.

For more information about our simplified solution, contact us.