DECONTACTOR™ power connectors help power plants improving their safety and performance while also reducing equipment and costs. Their power-off capability eliminates the need for auxiliary switches or disconnectors, and a wide range of mounting configurations simplify installation.
The unique DECONTACTOR™ combination of safety and simplicity of connection allows technicians to cut off the power supply quickly and easily to carry out maintainence work. Electrical work can be done efficiently in the workshop, with visible confirmation of disconnection. 

In nuclear power, hydroelectricity, fossil fuels and waste-to-energy stations, the diversity of energy distribution needs is covered by the wide range of MARECHAL® industrial electrical plugs and socket-outlets: robustness in hostile environments, varied electrical installations, customizable and flexible, compliance with electrical standards, assistance with the specification, installation and maintenance of electrical outlets and boxes.


Connectors specially designed for operation in the heart of factories, the MARECHAL® DECONTACTOR™  series combines safety and simplicity with the integrated disconnect switch in each socket, for:
  • Welding machines
  • Engine immobilization time
  • Portable Distribution Boxes
  • Lifting devices
  • Modular conveyors
  • Mobile Installations
  • Mobile Generators
  • Pumps
  • Electric fans and extensions
  • Lamps and portable lighting.

Solutions to your needs

Welding machine connections ensure user safety

Significant safety and cost advantages make the DECONTACTOR™ the ideal choice for connecting power to welding machines and other equipment. With their switch ratings, 65 kA or greater short circuit ratings, enclosed arc chambers and front safety shutter, they not only allow users to make and break resistive and inductive loads safely under full load, but also eliminate the potential for arc flash exposure and provide protection in dangerous overload situations. The need for expensive interlocks required with other plugs & socket-outlets and the common problem of defeating the interlock with extension cords are eliminated.

Downtime critical equipment simplify motor replacement

Motors prewired with either a DECONTACTOR™ inlet on the terminal box or with a power lead and DECONTACTOR™ motor rated plug offers huge time and cost savings. Safety features allow technicians to replace motors in the field eliminating the need to wait for electricians.
Using MARECHAL® DECONTACTOR™ to connect motors and pumps instead of hard-wiring can help reduce motor replacement downtime costs by 50%.

Mobile facilities power supply easily meet regulations requirements

Regulations require motors to have readily accessible disconnects. MARECHAL® DECONTACTOR™ are rated for ‘Motor circuits’ and distribution switching.
With models rated up to 250 A, and with configurations available for wall or panel mount and in-line coupler connections,
DECONTACTOR™ provide the most convenient and cost effective means of meeting regulations for local disconnects.

Hoist connections ensure arc flash protection

DECONTACTOR™ provide arc flash protection by eliminating the potential for exposure to live parts and arcing. The contacts are completely enclosed during load-making and breaking, ensuring that any associated arcing is safely isolated in internally. The plug can only be removed if the socket has been switched ‘off’ and the plug contacts are dead. The safety shutter on the socket automatically closes when the plug is removed, maintaining a dead front and preventing access to live parts.
Thus, at no time during the operation of the device will the user have unintended access to live contacts or arcing.

We advise you

The DSN/DS/DN range spans currents from 20 A to 250 A, making it our largest and most complete DECONTACTOR™ range. Their casing meets the requirements of industries that need robust connectors.

Socket-outlets and connectors are available in GRP for currents from 20 A to 90 A and in metal for currents above 50 A, and offer a large array of options like padlocking, keying systems and auxiliary contacts.

With an AC-3 switching capability, the disconnectable motor switches DB combine the functions of a motor disconnect and a power socket. They ensure the safety of people during operation on load (motor or highly inductive load). DB range is equipped with a mechanical indicator (red / green) and options such as lockout or addition of auxiliary contacts.