Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops, and produces pharmaceutical drugs. During pharmaceutical drugs’ production processes, the synthesis of raw materials used can emit flammable vapors and gases, causing potentially explosive atmospheres. XXXXXXX

Our solutions for your business

Pharmaceutical plants and research laboratories require high-standard explosion-proof electrical equipment suitable for cleanrooms and complying with the stringent safety requirements regulating this sector. Our products can withstand potentially corrosive atmospheres, high pressure and extreme temperatures. Moreover, thanks to our stainless steel enclosures and lighting fixtures, our products have smooth surfaces, which make them easy to clean.

Technor Italsmea can supply a full range of stainless steel Ex-proof enclosures, lighting fixtures and fittings:

  • In full compliance with ISO 9001, ATEX, IECEx and EAC requirements;
  • For installation in Zones 1, 2, 21, 22 & non-hazardous areas;
  • With high resistance to high temperatures;
  • With high resistance to corrosion (which can be further improved with electro-polishing treatment);
  • Designed to be robust, durable and reliable over the years;
  • With long lifetime and low power consumption;
  • With low costs of ownership and maintenance;
  • Highly recyclable, when product lifetime is over.