Reduce Equipment and Operating Costs with MARECHAL ELECTRIC


Using MARECHAL ELECTRIC switch-rated socket outlets to connect motors and other equipment helps improve your bottom line by reducing equipment, installation, and operating costs:

  • Improved safety reduces accidents, injuries and related costs.
  • Faster change-outs reduce lost production during downtime.
  • Plug and play simplicity improves maintenance personnel utilisation by allowing electrical work to be performed more quickly and conveniently back at the electrical shop.
  • Switch-ratings and short circuit ratings eliminate the need for expensive and spacious interlocks and auxiliary disconnects.
  • Numerous configurations and mounting options help simplify the location and installation.
  • Reliable butt-style contacts, robust construction, and long operating lives reduce replacement costs.

Decontactor - motor connection - MARECHAL ELECTRIC

MARECHAL ELECTRIC’s DECONTACTOR™ is a switch-rated socket outlet which technology was designed to make maintenance easier and the operators’ job safer.

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