Our quality policy

At MARECHAL ELECTRIC, we place quality at the heart of our activities to achieve our most important objective: the total satisfaction of our customers.

We design, manufacture and market electrical plugs, socket-outlets and boxes for industrial purposes and for hazardous areas, in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

We undertake continuous research to create innovative solutions and provide products that are always suited to our customers' needs.

We are committed to ISO 9001 standards and our approach to quality is based on:

Three central principles

1/ To listen to and satisfy customer requirements

  • To provide products that meet their needs
  • To fulfil our commitments in alignment with our internal capabilities (means, feasibility, deadlines etc.),
  • To manufacture products made in France that are reliable, safe and durable.

2/ To continuously improve our processes and streamline working methods


  • To carry out established good practices and share them within the Group in order to be more efficient to better serve our customers,
  • To identify, analyze and prevent all risks,
  • To challenge our organizations to improve ourselves permanently,
  • To control operational costs and develop the company for the future in an environmentally sustainable manner.

3 / To respect and involve the stakeholders who participate in our processes

  • To develop the knowledge and skills of all our staff by means of training,
  • To offer the working conditions that allow professional and personal development of our employees,
  • To encourage discussion and the sharing of information and skills,
  • To integrate our partners and suppliers to create an equitable relationship based on excellence.