Key facts

• Long life due to high quality parts used

• Products manufactured to the customers’ unique requirements

• Watertight and dust-tight with IP66/67 seals as standard

• World-renown brand for electrical safety.



Located in East Anglia and with over 30 years’ experience in the Marina and Caravan Industries, Rollins Marine & Caravan Services (RMCS) have built up an enviable reputation for service and quality in the UK, across Europe and the Far East. On their marina superyacht pedestals, the company ensures electrical safety with Marechal® solutions. Safety tested & approved in Doha, Qatar!


High quality and High Safety

All projects are focused on quality with performance. Rollins Marine & Caravan Services (RMCS) designed the superyacht units according to their customers’ specification, assuring high quality within budget, to guarantee this RMCS seek outside expertise in this field.

For the marina superyacht pedestals MARECHAL® plugs and socket-outlets have been used for more than six years because their AC-23 capability with units available up to 250A.

This DECONTACTOR™ technology protects operators from arc flash. It makes the sockets more compact and safer to use without any special training. Adopted by the electrical engineers of RMCS, MARECHAL® sockets also satisfy the needs of compatibility between the sockets already present on board (quay connection) and those of the pedestals.


A World renown brand in equipment for ports and quayside power sockets

MARECHAL® products are recommended for their high quality and for their reputation in the equipment of ports and quayside power sockets. A panel of power sockets from 32A to 250A can be installed by RMCS to provide the necessary power to supply, not only yachts, but tools required for various electrical and water services.

Having access to tough equipment like power sockets with an integrated switched isolator function provides RMCS with peace of mind and therefore more time to design bespoke products.


Long life for mains panels in Doha

Rollins Marine dispatched in 2015 five custom built bespoke mains panels for the Royal Family in Doha. A team of experienced engineers were specially chosen to install these units, thereby increasing their ties with the Middle East.

Safety and preventative maintenance is at the heart of installations on site. Equipment and pedestals are checked by engineers using visual inspections and electrical tests, etc. For each project abroad, the necessary inspections during and after installation are made in complete safety, thanks to the use of Marechal® compact industrial plugs and sockets, it has allowed full autonomy for the engineers and high safety for the end-users. The DECONTACTOR™ technology has allowed users to safely disconnect the power on the pedestals. In addition, this saves time as site inspections can be carried out by 1 person.


Some key information about Rollins Marine Services...

Rollins Marine has over 25 years’ experience within the Marina Industry and are fully conversant with all the latest electrical and water regulations throughout Europe. Their range of products are competitively priced and manufactured using products that are tried and trusted in the industry. Rollins Marine can provide a comprehensive range of Marina Electrical Equipment.

Head office and workshops in Spalding Lincolnshire (England).