What is energy efficiency?

In people’s mind, industry and energy efficiency do not seem to go hand in hand. However, more and more actions are being carried out in favour of the environment and with a will to save energy. Here are some of them.


Reduction of the energy consumption

How are energy efficiency and respect for the environment linked? Energy efficiency is the desire to reduce the amount of energy required by a product or service. The use of a machine or other equipment produces heat, and therefore energy. Inevitably, there is a loss of the latter: the goal is to limit it.

Indeed, with regard to industrial electrical socket outlets, several factors must be taken into account:

- The heating due to the passage of the current;

- The thermal cycle linked to multiple "start & stop" maneuvers;

- Corrosion resistance (which adds additional heating).

Our flagship product, the DECONTACTOR™, has been developed to meet these criteria, with limited contact heating and better compensation of the thermal cycle through our butt-style contact technology.

Energy efficiency - MARECHAL ELECTRIC


Limitation of the carbon footprint by focusing on quality materials

The quality of the material is essential in the choice of an electrical socket outlet, since it impacts the duration of the product. Therefore, a product with a poor craftsmanship will need to be changed regularly. To limit this negative impact on the environment, costs and time optimization, MARECHAL ELECTRIC offers the possibility to change only the worn or broken part of the plug and not its entirety.


Finally, the company pays particular attention to the quality of its products: all are made in France, in accordance with international standards. Their robustness has an undeniable impact on their life span.


Energy efficiency is a concern for us, and at the heart of essential issues of our time.


For more information on this subject: https://marechal.com/marechal/fr/p-economies-denergie.html