Preventing the risk of industrial electrical accidents

What are the best practices to prevent the risk of electrical accidents in industrial applications?


Several factors must be considered in order to optimize electrical safety in an industrial environment.

Three main aspects must be considered:

-        Safety rules and standards;

-        Staff training;

-        The equipment used and its installation.




Electrical safety rules and standards

The first rule in electrical safety is to check for the presence of voltage before any intervention.

This is an essential point, for example during the LOTO procedure. It is a very precise procedure that must be followed step by step in order to comply with safety rules.

 NB: MARECHAL® products comply with international product standards. Most of our products are padlockable.

Switch-rated industrial socket-outlets


Staff training, prevention of electrical risks

The user must be a qualified electrician if working on the electrical panel. Adequate working conditions must be provided to ensure safe handling: healthy premises, electrical equipment that complies with standards, etc.


However, with MARECHAL® switch integrated plugs and socket-outlets, the informed or qualified user does not need electrical accreditation to handle the product up to 250 A.


Personal Protective Equipment & Material

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment -  are essential in industries: helmet, goggles, gloves... In the case of electrical handling, it is necessary to have the adapted equipment to avoid accidents at work.

For example, electrical insulation is essential to avoid an electric shock.


That is why MARECHAL® plugs and socket-outlets for industrial applications have an IP2X or IP4X protection level: there is no access to live parts.


Installation & Maintenance

The equipment must be used in accordance with the rules defined by the manufacturer, adapted to the environment and installed in accordance with good engineering practice and the manufacturer's instructions.

All MARECHAL® products are delivered with an instruction manual with the rules of installation and maintenance.

Finally, the quality and maintenance of the equipment ensure maximum user safety at work:

-        Deteriorated equipment will involve risks during its use.

-        Poor quality equipment will deteriorate quickly (e.g. poor electrical insulation) and must be replaced regularly.


MARECHAL® products are known and recognized for their durability and robustness, allowing them to be handled safely. Furthermore, if only one part of the plug and socket-outlet is damaged, there is no need to replace the whole unit, only the affected part needs to be replaced.

products comply with international product standards. Most of our products are padlockable