New switch disconnector 40 A industrial electrical outlet

The latest MARECHAL ELECTRIC product: product with unique technology

In April 2019, MARECHAL ELECTRIC launched its first switch disconnector 40 A and the first separable switch disconnector: EVO. It will allow you to disconnect safely in charge your devices.

EVO’s creation is in line with our will to increase safety for users and installations. Its infallible mechanism allows the opening and separation, even if there is an overintensity or overvoltage default. Today, with a classic switch-disconnector, in case of overintensity, you can’t be assured of the disconnection if the contacts melt. With EVO, the breaking is visible: the products is separated in two parts.





Furthermore, its rotary twist introduces a new safety reflex in the industry. By aligning both “O”, you put together the two parts of the switch disconnector without any powering. With a twist movement, you put the product in the “OFF” position: it is ready to be connected but there is no power going through. The interest of this position is to have a waterproof unpowered product. Finally, a last twist movement allows you to put the product in the “ON” position: it is powered but still watertight.



 Disconnect switch 40a THREE POSITIONS OR PICTO OO/OFF/ON EVO40 Marechal

 Product in "OFF" position: the current isn't going through and the product is still waterproof

The MARECHAL ELECTRIC switch disconnector 40A is therefore adapted to harsh environments: -25°C to +60°C. With EVO, no doubt allowed, the separation shows the exact position of the contacts and ensures 100% safety during any maintenance operation. Resistant product, it is made of qualitative products and offers great flexibility in the most demanding applications in terms of hygiene, robustness and reliability.


It can be used in all industries and is particularly easy to install: only one tool is needed. With a screwdriver, the installer can easily put in place the switch isolator.



EVO40, the MARECHAL ELECTRIC separable switch disconnector: which technical features?


Equipped with self-cleaning silver contacts with silver tips and a patented and unique ”twist“ mechanism, our new technological concept combines the functionalities of a 40A switch and a disconnector.

EVO simplifies your electical installation and diminishes the place it takes. Furthermore, its ergonomic design was thought to make the handling and cleaning easier: the product is watertight (IP66 IP67), in the ON and OFF positions.

Safety is our watchword, therefore the access to the active parts is made impossible, insuring that you can manipulate peacefully. Its visible and detachable break guarantees the safe isolation of any low electrical circuit (AC-23 18.5 kW, AC-3 11 kW). Through its certifications, EVO40 complies with the IEC 60204-1 standard for machine safety. Finally, this new switch disconnector is adapted for all motor plugging configuration up to 6 poles + earth.


A new 100% MARECHAL® technology dedicated to the users.

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How can you install this product?

All assembly configurations, on a box (in front or below) and on a wall for mobile installations.


Can you padlock this product?

Yes, this switch-disconnector is lockable and padlockable.