SAFETY IN A FLASH: everything you need to know about electrical safety

What is an arc flash? How to avoid it? What are the standards? Ten questions, ten answers.


In September 2021, you can discover on MARECHAL ELECTRIC LinkedIn page a new series regarding electrical safety: SAFETY IN A FLASH.

This series has been developed in partnership with SEAM Group, a global enterprise asset management company offering consulting & training, inspection & assessment, and installation & repair services to improve safety in industries.


There are ten episodes, on the following topics:

  • Arc Flash VS electrical shock: what is the difference?
  • L.O.T.O procedures: what is it and how does it help avoid electrical accidents?
  • Cost implications of electrical accidents
  • Does PPE really help? PPE is the last barrier between the accident and the near miss
  • Simplifying compliance with safety standards
  • Comparison between European standards related to arc flash and US standards: do the European Standards refer to arc flash and the risk of electrical shock?
  • The mistaken belief that only HV kills
  • Arc flash assessment. Why?
  • Why training on arc flash / electrical safety topics is so important
  • Understanding electrical safety programs


They will be published on our YouTube channel in 7 languages (subtitles):

-          English

-          French

-          German

-          Spanish

-          Italian

-          Russian

-          Polish


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