DB (Inter AC-3 / 45kW)

DB (Inter AC-3 / 45kW)
DB disconnectable motor switches, which combine the functions of switch-engine cutoff switch and plug and socket-outlet. They guarantee the entire safety of people when connecting or disconnecting under load (motor connection or highly inductive).


From 40 A (7.5KW) to 125 A (45KW), 690 VAC
  • AC-3 visible switch for motors
  • Standard IP66/IP67
  • Impact resistant metal casing - IK09
  • Safety shutter prevents unwanted access to contacts
  • Up to 4 auxiliaries / pilots 
  • Mechanical locking / padlock / LOTO compliant.
DB (Inter AC-3 / 45kW)


IP66/IP67 disconnectable motor switch - AC3 utilisation category according to IEC / IEC EN 60947-3 standard.


  • The essential requirements of IEC/EN 60309-1 & IEC/EN 60309-4 European and International standards (plugs and socket-outlets for industrial purposes),
  • The European Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU,
  • The European ‘Machine Directive’ 2006/42/CE regarding equipment isolation,
  • The French decree dated 20 December 2011 pertaining to the wiring and operating conditions of movable electrical apparatuses,
  • The French NF C 15-100 standard,
  • The decrees relating to workers’ protection in Belgium, Spain and Italy,
  • The requirements of IEC EN 60309-1 European and international standard (plugs and socket-outlets for industrial purposes) , Interlock according to IEC EN 60309-4 International and European standard
  • UL 1682, UL 2682 American standards and CSA C22.2 N° 182.1-07 (Canada)
  • The load breaking capacity according to utilisation category AC-3 of IEC EN 60947-3 standard.
  • Also certified by VERITAS LCIE, UL, AS, TR CU (GOST) and cCSAus (French, American, Australian, Russian and Canadian inspection laboratories).