BRP (Power distribution units)

BRP (Power distribution units)
Polyester and watertight portable service boxes BRP from 16 to 90 A. This electrical box is customizable with 2, 3 or 4 outlets with DECONTACTOR™ DS, DSN or DN electrical plugs and socket-outlets.

BG Box for transfer of liquefied gas for loading and unloading liquefied gas from vehicles. This safe connection box protects workers, mobile installations and goods.

CRIC connection terminals with perfect tightening resistant to vibrations. They have a terminal head with spring to compensate for strand settlement and copper yield. The CRIC terminals are vibration-resistant, thermal cycling-resistant and anti-shearing terminals.


BG - Box for transfer of liquefied gas
RCD 30 mA protection
Truck Earth linkage warranty
Switching off the socket on the rest position
Personnel safety
IP68 M40 (Ø 20 to 32 mm) cable gland
CRIC connection terminals 
Terminals from 2 x 1,5 to 2 x 120 mm2
Spring-assisted tightening (even after copper yield)
Vibration-resistant, thermal cycling-resistant and anti-shearing terminals
Comply with the NFC 20-110 standard
BRP - Polyester and watertight portable service box
IP 54 Polyester box (2-3-4 outlets)
Entry by cable gland (maximum 4 outlets)
Entry by inlet (maximum 3 outlets)
From 16 to 90 A - DS, DSN or DN 24, 230 or 400 V plugs and socket-outlets
Protection on request
BRP (Power distribution units)


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