RETTBOX® (Rescue)

RETTBOX® (Rescue)

The RETTBOX® range provides an ideal solution for power and compressed air supplies to light goods, fire and rescue vehicles, offering automatic ejection of the coupler socket upon starting the vehicle.

RETTBOX® comprises an insulated housing and a sliding cover mounted on the vehicle body incorporating a MARECHAL® plug and socket device with silver-nickel butt contacts. When the vehicle is started up, solenoid releases the hook retaining the socket, pressure from the sprung loaded contacts ejects the coupler socket. The sliding cover automatically closes as the socket is ejected. This technology guarantees safe disconnection of the power supply, even after repeated operations and avoids potential over heating problems.

With the AIR version, a compressed air supply is integrated in the plug and socket as well as in the supply cable and is therefore separated simultaneously. The vehicle can drive away perfectly safely.

The RETTBOX® range is available in two versions: "ONE", the original version and "S", the latest and most compact version.