How to install the RETTBOX®

For all types of emergency response vehicles, the RETTBOX® is an electrical and pneumatic power supply box with automatic ejection of the socket when starting the engine. This tutorial is a step by step guide which shows the installation procedure of the unit.


Battery charging connector system for rescue vehicles with an electromagnetic self-eject system comprising coupler socket and an inlet mounted in a box.
The box containing the connector is recessed in the vehicle. When stationary, a mobile inlet suplies powerinside the box. On ignition, a solenoid plunger lifts the socket release latch thus ejecting it from the inlet.
  • 20 A or 32 A
  • Efficiency and quick use
  • Safety ensured with the self-eject system
  • Flexibility of settings
  • Safety for personnel and goods in case of sprayed water thanks to IP65 watertightness.