Technor® cable glands are used in hazardous, industrial and commercial applications throughout the world, engineering safety and productivity in the most severe environmental conditions.  Our global offering provides a termination solution for virtually every cable type used in hazardous and industrial environments. These cable glands are designed for strict adherence to global specifications meeting European, North American and international codes and standards including NEC, CEC, ATEX, IECEx and regional certifications.
We manufacture using a variety of materials which ensures that we are able supply the right cable gland for the right environment, in a short lead time.
• Single seal
• Double seal
• Male-Male
• Male-Female


• BMF / BFF / BMM Series - Three pieces unions
• EYS-EZS Series - Sealing fittings
• NP Series - Nipples
• EM Series - Unions
• ELF Series - Elbows
• LBH Series - Open elbows
• DB Series - Aluminium bushings
• PLG Series - Recessed hexagonal plugs
• PLG Series - Resin hexagonal plugs
• T Series - Hexagonal plugs
• RE / REB Series - Reductions and adaptors
• A.. / F.. / M.. / R.. Series - Reductions and adaptors.