A protocol now applies for the electrical power supply needed for France Télévisions' outside broadcasts of the cycling race of the year. MARECHAL ELECTRIC has become the ‘go-to’ point for electrical supplies for the production units covering the Tour de France’s “Roadbook of Installations and Requirements”!


Production units lined up in battle order

The television coverage of the French national annual cycling competition needs a continuous supply of equipment and people. Every day, production teams and technical operators check all the equipment and connections.

Two production units from Lille and Strasbourg are responsible for the creation and transmission of broadcasts as well as the television studio and its equipment. France TV Sport has up to 40 cameras available for the competition, and processes signals to France and abroad from 2 helicopters, 5 motorbikes and about twenty other cameras set up especially at the finish line.

Other companies contribute to the success of this world-famous cycling event: Globecast for feed from the starting line and intermediate points and Lumex leases the equipment for cinema and event management.

A single common feature: MARECHAL® electrical connectors. Those involved in ensuring this sporting adventure is properly carried out welcome us as a privileged supplier of mains electricity: "You're very welcome!"


Continuous coverage

The antennas have to be able to transmit continuously for several hours, without any interruption of power. France Télévisions has established a protocol so as to be operational every day from 7am: "Everyone relies on Marechal!" Whether live sporting events (football, rugby, Le Mans 24 Hours, Roland Garros), Sunday Mass, fashion shows, news events or ceremonies (Cannes, Césars), all coverage in France or Europe operates with MARECHAL® 50 A, 90 A and 250 A DECONTACTOR™ power connectors. The technical teams are at work from 6.30am. The installations furthest from the finishing line are connected first, to be completely secure. They are easy to handle and are accessible. All open access installations - studios, lighting, podiums, sound, and production units - are connected with extensions on the ground or to cabinets. A sea of cables covers the Media Space walkways, while users are protected from any electrical hazards because the DECONTACTOR™ is a load-break design. The day is devoted to monitoring installations.


Resistant to impact and dismantling of cables and cabinets

Dismantling takes two hours every evening, with an eye on the clock! Then the crew moves on to the next stage to set up again. MARECHAL® connectors from the DECONTACTOR™™ DS range are tough and impact resistant (IK08), necessary because of repeated handling and frequent dropping. The power connectors are designed to be connected and disconnected numerous times every day, without any performance issues. Electricians and technicians are guaranteed long-term reliability: "Sorted!" says David Dekens, France Télévisions technician.


Modular and spare parts

FRANCE TV's mobile production units are of modular design thus adaptable and extendible. The TV studios are also modular to save assembly and disassembly time and to make re-location easier. Responsiveness and adaptability are especially important for the transfer to the final stage from Alpes d'Huez to Paris.

The same applies to the MARECHAL® connectors. They are subjected to rough treatment every day. Nevertheless, failures are rare.  If a breakage does occur the technicians know that they have quick availability of spare parts and replacements. "It is very practical to be able to replace a plug body, a socket lid or a handle with minimum down time!"  Many product options are available to make connections more flexible and to ensure that connections are sealed, especially for outdoor use, ie automatic lid closing or lockable sockets, etc.