MARECHAL ELECTRIC GROUP (MEG) has been a major stakeholder in industrial electrical connections adapted to suit all sectors: industrial, tertiary, infrastructure and ATEX zones.


MEG boasts an international presence in over 20 countries and counts for more than 300 employees attentive to market trends, customers and users.
Its integrated know-how and technology permanently optimise the performance and life of MARECHAL® plugs.
The certification of our product ranges complies with the existing requirements and standards in the different markets and enables the company to position itself as a leading supplier in the different industries throughout the world.

5% of turnover is invested into R&D every year to create, develop and adapt industrial electrical outlets and distribution boxes to suit the needs of our customers. To date, MEG has filed 90 patents, 20 of which are active. MEG has 5 protected design models and trademarks.

The MEG product offer reflects the needs of its customers: uniting safety and reliability, enriching its solutions according to the market requirements and regulations. It is broken down into fields of activity and power ranges so as to comply with the multiple and varied configurations involved in electrical installations and power or information distribution for production and maintenance operations for both new and renovated equipment.

Presence on 5 continents

4 production and assembly sites of industrial electrical plugs, socket-outlets and boxes:

  • France, Germany and the United States
  • Sales presence in more than 20 countries
  • Exclusive partnerships and subsidiaries
  • 5% of turnover is invested in R&D every year.

Certification ISO 9001

Our sites are certified ISO 9001 (France), DIN EN ISO 9001 (Germany) and UL (USA).

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